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Reading aloud to children is one of the best ways to help them become lifelong readers, writers, learners and adventurers. Animal Stories 4 is a collection of farm-related stories that we think the whole family will enjoy. Read about the duck that thought he was a chicken and a horse that ran faster than a train.  Learn how farmers have to deal with the ups and downs of animal husbandry and the many surprises that get thrown their way. From guardian dogs to goats and Alpacas to barn cats, it is interesting to read about interactions between people and animals on farms and the roles they both play. The farm to table movement has brought more attention to our local farms in recent years. Goat cheese producer, Donna Gaines, says “My job as a farmer is to care for the land and my animals and to enjoy these wonderful things that God has provided and share them with others.” I could not say it any better! We hope that you will enjoy this fourth book in our series of animal stories, brought to you by Suminski Family Books.

Animal Stories 4: Farm Edition

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